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Recent Assignments

Here are some examples of recent assignments completed with other business clients. They will help you better understand what I could do for you .

Qantas Consulting Assignment to Malaysia Airlines (In Kuala Lumpur ...Aug 04 to Aug 05)
Business Solutions 4U services were provided to Qantas Consulting to assist Malaysia Airlines with their Financial Management Business Improvement Program. This involved many capabilities associated with financial management reporting, analysis and review techniques.
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Quirindi  business house (North West  NSW Australia.. July 2004) 
Business Solutions 4U services were provided to this business house to assist with the revision of subsidiary business plans , inclusive of full 10 year P&L, Balance Sheets, Cash flows, NPV, IRR, Pivot Table analysis and graphics.
Department of Transport and Regional Services / Bureau of Transport and Regional Economic  ( Canberra ACT ... Sept 2005)
Project Rate Services provided for a Research Analysis project scoped by the Department for Australia wide research analysis, report and presentation. 
Voyages Resorts (Sydney NSW ... Nov 2005)
Project Rate Services provided for a Research Analysis project to review six Requests For Proposals (RFPs) received for a project in their North Qld Resorts.

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Tamworth Regional Council (Tamworth NSW ...July 04 & Feb 07 )
Project Rate Services provided for a Business Planning project associated with an application for State and Federal Grant. The Applications ($14M) relating to the new Australian Equine and Livestock Centre were successful.
Further Daily Rate Services
were provided to revise upwards the financials of the Business Plan in Feb 07.
Country Energy (Port Macquarie NSW .... July 06 to Jan 07)
Financial Analysis services, using Lean Sigma and Six Sigma, were provided on an hourly rate basis for the start up of a new Operational Excellence Program. The continued success of this program will result in improved performance across many key areas of the business, giving rise to superior financial performance, improved customer service levels, heightened employee engagement and increased productivity.


Jetstar Airways (Newcastle NSW .... Mar 07 to Apr 07)
Business Planning services in the form of manpower planning, using budgeting and planning solutions were provided on a project rate basis for the heavy maintenance division at Williamstown.
National Jet Systems (Adelaide SA .... Apr 07 to May 07)
Business Planning services on several Strategic Planning Projects, using Six Sigma processes and solutions were provided on a project rate basis. Risk analysis solutions were also provided with each recommendation.
Airservices Australia (Canberra ACT .... August 07)
Costing Analysis on various business alternatives were provided on a daily rate basis. Research Services solutions and business planning structure solutions were also provided.
NSW Wheat Research Foundation (Narrabri NSW.... October 07)
Business Planning services, associated with a Grant application under the Federal Government's Regional Partnerships Programme, were provided on an hourly rate basis subject to a budget estimate.

Country Energy (Port Macquarie NSW ....Jan 08 to Feb 11)

Balance Sheet Analysis and Segmentation services were provided during the Retail Reform Project created by the NSW Government to prepare for the Sale of the Retail divisions of the three state owned electricity businesses. Temporary covering roles followed, firstly as Consolidated Reporting Manager and then as Acting Finance Business Manager - Retail.


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